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Earn more while receiving amazing reviews!

Upload the local products, experiences and services you used to suggest to your guests and earn an extra income without hassle! Whether you manage a luxurious villa, an igloo or an adventurous yacht, start earning more now.


  • Start earning extra income: Provide a 5* experience to your guests and get paid for that!
  • 100% free (no payment or subscription required)
  • Earn up to 92% commission on retail sales
  • Each time a person you introduced starts selling, you won’t be charged the next 3 commissions
  • Spoil your guests with free products
  • Cashless transactions
  • Amazing ratings will benefit the rest of your business

GuestLikeLocal Brands

Connect your brand to the perfect travel experience!

GuestLikeLocal helps you reach an audience ready to taste and use exciting and why not, new products! Any professional host (managing anything from a small downtown home to a luxurious yacht) is hosting up to 300 guests (or more) per year! We help you sample your products to both budget and luxury travellers like never before!

Contact us at info@guestlikelocal.com to see how we can help you reach many!

Why work with GuestLikeLocal?

  • Sample and distribute your products through a local host
  • Reach thousands of people without having to travel far or pay for expensive marketing campaigns
  • Reach customers’ eagerness to discover fast a new country and its products
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Generate insights

Partner with us

GuestLikeLocal Partners

We partner with companies to boost guest’s experience.

We customize each campaign according to the partner’s needs: Special offers, API integration, co-branded materials, and everything else that can-and will- drive the ratings higher.

If you’re interested in learning more, email info@guestlikelocal.com.